Brook Infant School Curriculum

We are passionate about every child’s learning!  Each child is unique and at the Brook Infant School we celebrate children’s talents and interests.  We know that we learn best is when we are interested and motivated. 

The world in which our children grow up into will be very different from now and we need to make sure that the skills the children have prepare them for this.  Skills such as innovation, risk taking, problem solving, resilience and flexibility will be paramount. They will need to be creative, able to think outside the box and ready for any challenge. 

At the Brook Infant School we provide an exciting and stimulating environment in which our children can confidently and safely explore the world around them.   They work in the outside environment as well as indoors and a variety of activity styles are used to ensure children learn through practical hands on experience, structured play and recording their ideas and work.

Our curriculum is designed to enable children to fulfil our vision of becoming responsible global citizens who are life long learners.  The spine of our curriculum is set upon our sparkly rights and developing children’s personal, social, emotional, spiritual, moral, intellectual and physical well being. We aim to help children develop a respect and responsibility for themselves, their peers, their community and their world.  

Below is our entire Brook curriculum for each subject.  We have worked hard to put together a new curriculum that encompasses all the new National Curriculum 2014 as well as ensuring key skills we value are also taught alongside.

Please click on a subject below to see the curriculum.  For each subject area, it is broken down into EYFS (Nursery & Reception), year 1 and Year 2.  This is the content your child will be taught over the year in their year group.

Here at the Brook Infant School we teach through exciting topics.  Below is also our 3 year topic plan for each year group.  Nursery works alongside Reception as well as following the children’s own interests.

We also use The Power of Reading project across our Literacy teaching.  This is research that we have undertaken with the Centre for Literacy in Primary Education (CLPE).  We value using beautiful literature across our classes and ensuring that speaking and listening are fundamental skills that enable our children to develop as learners.

Below you will also find a yearly overview for each Year Group.  This outlines briefly what the year groups will teach and when.  This may change depending on children’s interests but the coverage remains the same.

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Please note - The new National Curriculum came into effect in September 2014.   The Brook Infant School curriculum was written incorporating the new national curriculum ready for September 2014 and although it is dated 2014, it is still the curriculum that we teach from.  We regularly review the curriculum to ensure appropriate coverage.