Recycling Schemes

At the Brook Infant School we encourage staff, children and parents to recycle, reduce and reuse where ever possible.  

The children are encouraged to:

  • Recycle paper in the classroom’s paper recycling bins.
  • Put scraps of fruit and vegetabls into the compost bins.
  • Make models out of household junk e.g.; cereal boxes

The staff are encouraged to:

  • Reuse backing paper from display boards
  • Recycle tins and boxes etc in the staffroom
  • Print work double sided
  • Recycle packaging from fruit etc to use on displays
  • Recycle printer cartridges

The parents are encouraged to:

  • Recycle ink cartridges by putting their old ones in the recycling box in the entrance lobby of the school
  • Send in clean household junk e.g. toilet roll tubes, for the children to create wonderful models with in school


Brook Eco Bags

We have Eco Brook Bags for sale (£4) - the Friendly bag makes the ideal natural alternative to plastic carrier bags.