The Governing Body - roles and responsibilities

The Governing Body consist of 12 people – represented by  parents, staff (including the Headteacher), community and Local Authority – who’s role is to ensure that the School meets its statutory, legal and moral duties.  However, the day to day management and decisions are the responsibility of the Headteacher.

Each governor sits on 2/3 committees –resources, curriculum or premises, and individual governors will act as Chairs on these committees.  The roles are reviewed each year in September.  There is also an overall Chair and Vice-chair, who are also elected yearly.  Meetings work out around 2/3 each term, lasting from 1-3 hours – usually evenings

Our main responsibilities are:

  • Agreeing the aims of the school, and approving/setting policies and objectives
  • Approving/monitoring the budget
  • To determine pay scales/levels of all staff
  • Supporting, and challenging, the Headteacher and staff
  • Interviewing/appointing staff and related pay issues
  • Reviewing/evaluating progress and standards
  • Reporting assessments and results
  • Quality of education and the provision of an appropriate curriculum
  • Ensuring that a performance management policy is established in the school and keeping this under review;
  • Ethos and discipline