School Meals

Children eat their lunch in the school hall. They have a choice between bringing a packed
lunch or having a free hot school meal.

Hot School Meals

Hot School meals are provided every day by Chartwells. These are freshly prepared and bought into school every day and steam cooked on site. 

A new government initiative came into force from September 2014 which entitles all infant school children to a free hot school meal. 

The school will order these meals on behalf of parents.  Parents should contact the school office if they do not wish their child to have a free hot school meal.  Meals are ordered two weeks in advance.

If your child has an egg, gluten, milk or nut allergy and are having school dinners then you will need to set up a Special Diet with Chartwells.  You will be asked to provide a medical certificate confirming your child’s allergy from either a doctor or a dietician.  A Special Diet Requirement form will need to be completed please click on the link below. For  further information please contact Chartwells on  or on 07584 508 471.

A cold packed lunch is not available as part of the free school meal programme but children can bring in their own packed lunch from home to eat at lunchtime.


Packed Lunch

We are a healthy school so we like to make sure that the children’s meals are well balanced. If you are providing a packed lunch we ask that you make sure that it does not contain fizzy drinks, sweets or chocolate (chocolate coated biscuits are allowed).
We do ask that you make sure that there are no nuts or egg in any of your child’s food that they bring into school.  
Any food your child doesn’t eat is put back in the lunchbox for you to keep an eye on. Please don’t overload your child’s lunchbox.