Welcome to the Brook Infant School

My school is wicked.  I love it!’

‘It’s a great school because I enjoy learning and the teacher makes lessons fun,’

Comments made by Children

‘It’s a fabulous little school with a real community feel.’ 

Comment made by a Parent

The Schools very effective ethos of ‘Learning with Love and Laughter’ results in pupil’s exemplary attitudes towards learning.  Pupils have extremely high expectations of their own learning and delight in it.’

Ofsted 2013

Life At the Brook Infant School

Life at the Brook Infant School is fun and filled with laughter and learning! We believe that our school is a special place to learn for children, families and staff.  We provide a creative and purposeful curriculum that draws on children’s interests, provides them with key skills for life-long learning and enables them to become effective future citizens in this ever evolving 21st century. 

Children learn through our exciting and stimulating indoor and outdoor environments.  They have access to a wide range of resources that allow them to develop skills such as problem solving, collaborative work, challenge and perseverance.  We work in partnership with parents and our community to ensure that everyone is included and valued.

We are so excited about you being part of our school and hope that your time with us is truly ‘learning with love and laughter!’


About Us

We are a 2-form Infant school with a private nursery attached right in the heart of Maidenbower – one of its best kept secrets! 

We have places in school for 180 children and the nursery holds 30 places in the morning and 30 places in the afternoon per session.  We opened in 1999 as a First School originally but we become an Infant school in 2004.  

The School Grounds

We are lucky to have a great space both inside and outside.  Our Foundation Stage comprises of a Nursery and 2 Reception classes.  Reception has 2 classrooms, a shared area and an outside classroom which encompasses a large covered area. The Nursery has its own entrance, kitchen, 2 activity areas and a lovely large outside environment.

Our Key Stage 1 areas (Y1 and Y2) have 4 classrooms, a shared area and access to our outside learning environment.  

Our hall is used for assemblies, PE and lunches.

We have amazing grounds.  There is a large play area at the front of the school.  At the back of the school we have a large playing field, a nature area, a playground, an activity trail as well as a pagoda and climbing frame!  We also have Olympic artificial grass that came from the Olympic village.  We believe that all the Olympians such as Mo Farrow and Eleanor Simmonds were on our grass at one point.  We call it the ‘grass of dreams’.


We are a Rights Respecting School and have achieved our Level 2 Unicef Award.  Embedded into The Brook are our six Sparkly rights:

  • I have the right to be safe and healthy
  • I have the right to have a voice and be heard
  • I have a right to be different and me
  • I have a right to play and have fun
  • I have a right to learn
  • I have a right to be a part of this world

We have a group made up of children and community representatives called ‘The Right Gang’ who help us work towards making sure that the Brook Infant School is a happy, safe and inclusive place to learn.

We are also an International school and are working towards our Intermediate level.  We have links with schools in Cornwall, Brighton, Poland, India, America and Canada.   We have begun to use Skype to help us meet our friends across the globe!  Very exciting!

We have Eco Warriors who help us all to protect our environment by keeping to the following motto – ‘reduce, reuse, recycle’ 

We teach ‘Forest Schools’ and our Year 1 classes take part in a 6 week programme working in the forest attached to our school grounds.  It is really good fun as well as a brilliant learning experience and our children always say it is one of the best things they do at school.  We use the woods throughout the year with other year groups as well as visit Buchan Park to try out all our skills.

We have a really active Schools Council.  We firmly believe that our pupils make decisions about their learning environment.  Each class has 2 school councillors who meet regularly.  Recently they decided on what the new huge climbing frame/equipment will have on it.  They really wanted Disneyland but we have agreed that this is not possible yet!  They have, in the past, designed new toilet doors and had our toilets completely overhauled, asked for new playhouses, and currently are after new playground marking as well.