How do we celebrate achievement at The Brook

We have so many ways for celebrating achievement here at the Brook Infant School that it would be impossible to list them all.  Below are some of the main ways.

Sparkly Fish Award

This is for keeping the Sparkly Rights.  It is handed out during our Celebration assembly on a Friday.  Parents are notified by text and a whisper in the ear from the class teacher and are invited to attend.  We keep it a secret from the child until the assembly.  They receive a fish which they decorate to go on our board, they have a certificate and a sticker.

Miss Dowley

Children are sent to Miss Dowley when they have worked extra hard or done something amazing.  They then receive one of her super stickers.

Tidy Cloakroom

We encourage the children to keep the cloakrooms tidy by awarding a sticker each week for the tidiest cloakroom.  These are counted up each term and the classes or classes that have the most, get to go to the park for a treat.

Billy Bear

Billy Bear is Miss Dowley’s award.  He is given to children who have worked hard or done something extraordinary or brave both inside and outside of school.  So don’t forget to let Miss Dowley know if your child was player of the match, swam 25 metres or slept for the first time without a light on.  

100% Attendance

At the end of the academic year, children with 100% attendance receive a certificate celebrating this.