Welcome to Year 1

Hello! Welcome to the Year One area, we are Mrs Gillott (Kingfishers) and Mrs Hughes and Mrs Turner (Dragonflies), the friendly Year 1 teachers!! 

We feel Year 1 is about learning through fun and creativity. Our aim is to inspire children through our various topics to develop as independent learners.

Mrs Gillott - Kingfishers Class Teacher
Mrs Hughes - Dragonflies Class Teacher
Mrs Turner - Dragonflies Class Teacher

Year 1 is such an exciting year for the children as they progress from Reception to Year 2 with improved self belief and confidence.

One of our many roles is to identify the differences in each child's learning style and then once established make the learning environment as stimulating as possible.

We want to work together with parents to support children through their learning journey. Our door is therefore always open if you want to talk to us!

Mrs Gillott, Mrs Hughes, Mrs Turner and the Year 1 Team